We plan, we build, you harvest


TopClimate is the preferred climate control system by Europe’s producers. With it’s high quality manufacturing it is perfectly suited for the large and professional rooms.

That is why TopClimate is the supplier for industrial scale growers of CBD in Switzerland. Climate in Rooms with 300 and more lamps is easily controlled by the TopClimate Supreme. Because of our great service and extended knowledge available within the company, our TopClimate representatives travel all over Europe, and the world, to give professional growers the advice and guidance the market has been waiting for. Due to updated legislation regarding the growth of mainly CBD, our TopClimate professionals have been invited to work on big scale projects in Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech, Spain and Macedonia. These projects have all been officially sanctioned, and often according to GMP regulations.

So, if you are working on large scale projects, within the laws and regulations of the country you’re in, we are happy to assist you all the way through. With the TopClimate high quality products, and the 15+ year expert knowledge of our representatives, we can help you achieve the optimal climate, to reach maximum yields.