The TopClimate Supreme, the story

Product 001

At TopClimate we always put in the extra effort to fulfill our customer’s needs. That is indeed the main reason we started looking at all the equipment used in industrial grow rooms and realized there were much improvements to be made.

Thus, our team of growing experts and engineers first came together to figure out how we could enhance the farmer’s control over the environment using air-conditioning units. Air-conditioning units were already getting more common in the industry, yet no system seemed to be fully in tune with the needs of the end-user. Often the available systems were not reliable and were limited in providing the full climate control so longed for by the industry.

So after figuring out how to enhance reliability and user experience, we introduced our first elite TopClimate units.  The climate control system that already was a major improvement in reliability and user friendliness, and it didn’t take long for professional growers all over Europe to take notice of the difference. And with this growing customer base, we developed even more relationships with some of Europe’s biggest industrial growers. And since our TopClimate team likes to get involved, this gave us the chance to look for more improvements with which we could enhance the end-users environmental control even more.

Now after years of meticulously improving our products, our TopClimate Supreme line is the preferred total climate control system for industrial growers in Europe’s CBD industry. With the TopClimate Supreme combined with other TopClimate products, you can have full control over your environment. After entering your preferred settings, the TopClimate Supreme will regulate your rooms. The system comes with built in security measures to prevent overheating or undercooling. And the units are all controllable via a controller which can be mounted outside of the rooms. Giving you the ability to control your rooms without having to step in unnecessarily and thus prevent unwanted outside contamination.

And seeing the results of our TopClimate Supreme end users, we are proudly convinced we offer you the best climate control system for cultivation rooms available on the market.