Total environmental control with

TopClimate Supreme

The TopClimate Supreme can cool, heat and dehumidify all from one unit. The Supreme let's you experience total environmental control. Easily managed from a touchscreen controller.


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TopClimate High Quality


Based on our hands on experience, we have developed the TCL Full Spectrum LED armatures. Higher yields while saving costs due to a higher energy efficiency. Equipped with only the best light source chips from Samsung and Osram and designed to reach an ideal lux distribution.

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We plan, we build,

You harvest

Need assistance with planning and setting up your facility*? With our in-house designers, GMP specialists and climate control experts we can guide you from design to harvest. Read more below.

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Reach maximum yields

At TopClimate we are committed to provide professional cultivators with the best equipment and solutions to reach complete environmental control.

That is why TopClimate is also here to help you with designing and setting up your facility*. Our team of experts have successfully set up and installed many professional industrial growing facilities in multiple countries like Macedonia, Austria, Switzerland, Moldavia and others. In doing this we have worked with Europe’s primary CBD suppliers for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Our team consists of engineers who can design the facility and provide the technical drawings. Our building supervisors and technicians can make sure that the production-, processing-  and packaging areas are fully functional. Our cultivation experts can council and guide you in maintaining the optimal climate and  improve health of your crop, and thus maximize your yields. We also have our in-house GMP specialists to make sure the setup is according to the highest standards. By operating in compliance with GMP regulations your product can meet the requirements of global food and pharmaceutical companies, and thus give you the opportunity to vastly expand your potential customer base.

So, if you want to ensure your investment will lead to maximized yields, please ask our representatives about the possibilities we offer to help you design, set up and even operate your facility. We will help you reach the optimal environment, to reach the optimal return on your investment.


*Provided your facility operates within the bounds of your country’s judicial regulations.

why every professional needs the TopClimate Supreme

  • The perfect climate control all year round
  • Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering in one device
  • Photocell; the photocell automatically activates the cooling mode in the morning and the heating/dehumidifying mode at night
  • The quitest system available on the market
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Day and night dehumification
  • 720 hour datalog function
  • Adjustable cooling input
  • Full control via touchscreen
  • Simply enter the day and night temperature and TopClimate will do the rest; it doesn’t get easier

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We at TopClimate, believe that everyone should be able to have their climate control down to perfection. And there is no brand on he market, ...

We plan, we build, you harvest

TopClimate is the preferred climate control system by Europe’s producers. With it’s high quality manufacturing it is perfectly suited for the large and professional rooms. ...
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The TopClimate Supreme, the story

At TopClimate we always put in the extra effort to fulfill our customer’s needs. That is indeed the main reason we started looking at all ...

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With distributors in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom we can deliver our products all over the world.

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